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Selling 999 Gold and Silver to Us



5 Steps to Sell Gold and Silver

Step 1: Preparing Item(s) to Sell

  • Item(s) to sell
  • Quantity
  • Item’s condition
  • Proof of Origin Purchase/Receipt (either from us or 3rd Party retail)
  • Send us a picture of the bullion

Step 2: Contact Us

WhatsApp us at +6012-9388190 or email to this address admin@bsm.my the details. Our friendly representative will send you a quotation.

Step 3: Quotation

WhatsApp or email us if you agree on the Quotation. Once agreed, we will prepare a “Seller’s Packing List”. Kindly print, verify and sign on it.

Step 4: Packing and Shipping

Pack your items according to our guidelines and courier the package to our office. Alternatively, you can make an appointment to hand deliver the items to us. Refer to Packaging Guideline.

Step 5: Payment

Once we receive your bullions, we will issue payment within 5-7 working days.

For the terms and conditions, please refer to our Buy Back Policy

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Our Buy Back Policy

  • The quoted buy back price is for existing BuySilverMalaysia.com's customers and for products in "Uncirculated" and good condition only. BuyBack price is valid during office hours, Monday to Friday, 10am-4pm only. We reserve the right to amend the buy back price if the products sent to us are not in "Uncirculated" and good condition.
  • We buy back silver and gold product that were being sold from our web store. If you have items which are not listed, please contact us for a quote via email admin@bsm.my.
  • Non-customer may be subjected to approval and/or lower buy back price.
  • You can choose any courier service of your choice. Courier cost is to be borne by seller. It is important to advise BuySilverMalaysia.com the "shipment tracking number" after dispatching the package.
  • Packaging should be properly packed and secured to withstand potentially rough handling during transit/shipment. The items should also be individually packed to avoid damage and collisions against each other. Do not risk lowering the value of the item because of inadequate packaging. Please ensure package exterior bears no indication whatsoever of the nature or value of its contents.
  • BuySilverMalaysia is not responsible for loss or damage that occurs prior to arrival at our office.
  • It is crucial to include the printed "Seller’s Packing List" inside the package, complete with seller’s signature.
  • You have the option to drop off the package at our office located at B-2-9 IOI Boulevard, Jalan Kenari 5, Bandar Puchong Jaya, Puchong, 47100 Selangor. Please call to arrange an appointment with us prior to your visit.
  • Once you have agreed on the Buy Back transaction, either via email or phone, it constitutes a binding agreement between BuySilverMalaysia.com and you. If we do not receive the product on the agreed timing, we reserve the rights to cancel the transaction.
  • Payment will be made via "Online Bank Transfer (GIRO/Interbank)". Payment to your bank account will be made within 5 to 7 working days after we receive and verify the buy back items from seller. A processing fee of RM15.00 will apply.
  • Please ensure the bank account number is accurate. Second payment will not be issued if the first payment has been issued based on wrong bank information provided by seller.
  • Once we have received the bullions and start processing the buy back document, seller is not allowed to cancel the buy back transaction. BuySilverMalaysia.com reserves the rights not to perform the buyback cancellation request.

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Packaging Guidelines

  • Most damage occurs because items inside the box shift and damage each other or the shipping box. Make sure that your Silver cannot shift or move around inside the box. Heavy bars and rounds, if loose, can damage or rupture cardboard boxes from the inside during normal handling by any courier.
  • Loose coins should be packed in thick heavyweight plastic bags such as zip-lock bags (sandwich bags are too thin and are likely to split in transit). These bags should then be sealed with packing tape and wrapped in a layer of bubble wrap.
  • If your silver coins are packed in plastic coin tubes, fill any empty space in the tube with something soft (tissue, paper towel, etc.) to keep the coins inside from rattling against each other and damaging their appearance.
  • Items with numismatic value should be carefully and individually wrapped as they can lose significant numismatic value if damaged.
  • If there are more than one item in the shipping box, please tape them together so they do not hit against each other during transit and handling.
  • We recommend using multiple layers of bubble wrap or cut-up corrugated cardboard to fill any empty space inside the shipping box and constrain the contents tightly. Crumpled newspapers and plastic bags are not recommended.
  • Use packing tape to secure the lid onto the coin tube during shipment. Wrap the coin tube in bubble plastic to protect the shipping container from being damaged by the heavy tube. Pack additional bubble plastic or corrugated cardboard around the tube so it cannot move around in the container during shipment.
  • Be sure to insert BuySilverMalaysia.com's "Seller Packing List" which describes content of your package along with your name, telephone number and Buy Back Transaction number.
  • Be sure to seal every edge of the shipping box with packing tape to prevent coins and small bars from slipping through the gaps.
  • Please ship to this address:

    Company Name Rolling SH Sdn Bhd
    Address B-2-9 IOI Boulevard, Jalan Kenari 5,
    Bandar Puchong Jaya, Puchong,
    47100 Selangor, Malaysia
    Contact Number 012-9388 190
  • Please do not hestitate to email admin@bsm.my or call us if you need assistance with packaging and shipping. We are ready to assist.

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  • 列出所要卖出产品的名称
  • 所要卖出数量
  • 所要卖出产品的品质 / 收藏状态
  • 提供收条正本
  • 提供所要卖出的产品照片

步骤2: 联络我们

您可通过发电邮的方式或拨打电话通知我们,admin@bsm.my 服务专线:+603-8080 9388。我们的服务人员将会附上电邮报价清单给顾客。


请您电邮或电话联络我们如果您同意报价清单。当我们收到您的通知之后,我们会根据您所提供的资料以回复电邮的方式将卖出清单发送给您,此清单的内容包括所要卖出产品的名称 /数量 /收购价格。待您查阅之后如若无任何疑问及同意我们所提供的收购价格和条规,便需在清单上签名及发送至电邮地址:admin@bsm.my




当我们收到您所签回的清单及所要卖出产品,也同时验证了所收到的金/银的品质/收藏状态 完好无损,我们将在收到物品后的第五天至第七天的工作日之间把款项通过网上转账(GIRO/ INTERBANK) 的方式发送至您所提供的账户户口。





  • 所开出的收购价格仅提供给BSM现有的客户及其所卖出产品的收藏状况/品质必须是完好无损并且不是二手旧金/银。收购价格有效期仅限每逢星期一至五,早上十点至下午四点。此外,如果所收购产品的收藏状况/品质 有所损坏,我们将保留更改收购价格的权利。
  • BSM仅收购曾经卖出给现有顾客的产品。如果您无法在上方的收购产品表中找到您所要卖出的产品及收购价格, 请透过此邮址联络我们:admin@bsm.my 以便取得相关产品的收购价。
  • 我们也会做出评估是否接受及收购非BSM现有顾客欲卖出的金/银。所开出的收购价格会相对的较低。
  • 您可任意选择自己所属意的快递公司把包裹寄出且邮递费用将由卖方负责。您也必须记得通知我们所寄出邮包的追踪号码(Shipment tracking number) 以便让我们跟进.
  • 邮寄过程极有可能面临邮包/物品损坏的风险,所以您必须妥善的包装所要寄出的产品。每一单一物品必须独立隔离及包装以避免物品与物品之间相互碰撞或磨损。切记,不妥善的包装所导致任何的磨损或毁坏将拉低物品本身的价值及我们所开出的收购价格。请确保包裹的外部没有填写任何包裹内容或产品价值以防止不必要的麻烦。
  • 如果邮包在邮寄过程中损坏或丢失,BSM将不负上任何责任。
  • 您需要将已签名同意的 卖出清单 放进邮包里,同物品一并寄给我们。
  • 您也可选择与我们预约特定的日期和时间,亲自到我们的公司上门面交所欲卖出的产品,公司地址如下:
    Rolling SH Sdn Bhd,
    B-2-9 IOI Boulevard, Jalan Kenari 5,
    Bandar Puchong Jaya, Puchong,
    47100 Selangor, Malaysia.
  • 我们将在收到物品后的第五天至第七天的工作日之间把款项通过网上转账(GIRO/INTERBANK)的方式发送至您所提供的账户户口,与此同时我们将从款项中扣除十五令吉(RM15.00)作为行政费用。
  • 一旦您通过电话或电邮方式表示同意我们的收购条规及价格即构成收购交易。反之,如果从交易正式构成后的第五天工作日还没收到您所欲卖出的产品,我们将保留权利取消收购交易。




  • 请确保所有物品(尤其是较重的金/银条与币)放入盒内之后其周围没有留下任何空位以避免导致物品在寄送过程中移动造成物品与物品之间磨损或盒子内侧破裂。
  • 零散的金/银币需用比较厚且耐重的塑胶袋包裹,例如:密封胶袋zip-lock bag (备注:用于装置三文治的塑胶袋不宜使用,因质地薄且在运送过程中容易被撕裂)。把物品放置在胶袋后便可使用胶纸密封然后再裹上至少一层的泡沫垫(Bubble wrap)。
  • 如果您所寄出的物品是已装置在塑料罐coin tube的银币,请用材质较软的纸巾等塞满罐内所剩的空位以避免物品在运送过程中因罐内多余的空间而导致硬币之间互相碰撞而磨损了硬币表面。
  • 至于拥有面值的产品,请将每一单一产品独立隔离包装,任何磨损可导致其面值有着负面影响。
  • 若盒内有着不止一样物品,请先将每一物品包装好然后用胶纸将所有物品裹在一起以避免在运送过程中发生不必要的碰撞与磨损。
  • 我们建议顾客可使用多层泡沫垫Bubble wrap或纸板扎实塞满盒内所剩空间,而至于报纸或一般塑胶袋等则不被建议使用。
  • 请使用胶纸把用以装置银币的塑胶罐coin tube与其盖子lid粘合,之后再使用泡沫垫bubble wrap将已装有银币的塑胶罐coin tube密封包裹,然后同样的使用多层泡沫垫bubble wrap或纸板扎实塞满盒内所剩空间 以避免在运送途中塑胶罐coin tube与盒子碰撞而导致盒子破损因而使到物件从盒内掉出。
  • 在将包裹寄出之前,请记得将卖出清单(顾客已填写其姓名,电话号码,及签名同意清单上所有内容)一并放入包裹里。
  • 请确保盒子的衔接处没有任何缝隙以避免物品从盒内掉出,您可使用胶纸密封所有缝隙。
  • 请将包裹寄到以下邮址:

    公司名称 Rolling SH Sdn Bhd
    公司地址 B-2-9 IOI Boulevard, Jalan Kenari 5,
    Bandar Puchong Jaya, Puchong,
    47100 Selangor, Malaysia
    联络号码 012-9388 190
  • 若您有任何疑虑且欲了解更多详情,请发送电邮至 admin@bsm.my , 我们的团队随时为您服务。



How can we help?

  • Call Us: +603-8080 9388
    (Mon-Fri 10am-5pm).
  • For general enquiries:
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