Testing Gold and Silver Purity with FEDMAS Assay

Testing for gold purity can be done by sending it to your nearby goldsmiths or jewelry retail shops. However, testing the purity of your silver coins or bars may not be so simple. Let us share the steps involved in having an assay office to test silver coins or bars.

FEDMAS Assay Office Sdn Bhd had a rapid assessment of metal products. They have 3 offices in Malaysia, namely in Johor Bahru, KL and Penang as their main office. They are able to test for gold and silver purity. For more details, go to FEDMAS website.

We will share with your our experience having our "Scottsdale 'The One' 1oz Silver Bar" tested by the branch in KL. It is advisable to call in advance to make an appointment for your test. We were advised that the KL branch prefers afternoon period for walk-ins.

^ Located along Jalan Kelang Lama

Location of the KL branch is along Jalan Kelang Lama, behind Wisma Rockwills. You will have to come from PJ direction, slow down when you reach the Esso Petrol Station and turn left immediately after the Police Station. Do take note as this junction is easily missed, because it is blocked by many cars parked by the kerbside. Be warned that finding a parking spot near the office is just as good as striking a lottery, patience will be tested.

Look for a tired-looking coffee shop in the middle of the office block, the staircase to the office is on the left. Climb up one flight of stairs and press the doorbell.

^ FEDMAS form to fill in

Upon greeted by the chemist, you will be asked to fill up a form. This is for their billing and record purposes. Each test for silver will cost RM60 per item. (correct at time of posting).

You will have the option to have your item tested without affecting the appearance. However if you prefer to have a more accurate reading, a destructive method can be done, upon request. Please consult the chemist on duty about this.

After completing your form, surrender the piece of silver over the counter. Depending on their workload and total quantity of submitted items for testing, it may take anything from 15mins to 30mins. You can wait at the counter or have a cup of coffee at the shop below.

^ Report from our test

After the test, a report will be presented to you. It will state the weight in grams and the concentration of the type of metal being tested. Do note that the machine used have a variance of 0.13%. Your test result are presented in percentage. A 99.5% and above is considered very good quality, considering the variance.

Do share with us your experience with your local assayers here. We would like to know.

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