Gold & Silver Holders


Understanding Gold and Silver holders offered by us

Read the following for a quick understanding on the type holders we offer.

Vinyl Flip

Vinyl flips contains PVC and plasticizer. Plasticizer is a chemical added to soften the PVC. It is not recommended to use vinyl flips for long term preservation. PVC may corrode a coin's surface, causing permanent damage to your precious bullion coins. We recommend using vinyl flips for temporarily storage only.

Non-Plasticized Flip

These pocket flips are non-plasticized and contain no softeners, PVC or other chemicals and are safe for long term coin storage. These flips are more rigid than regular vinyl flips as it does not contain softeners.


Saflip is a highly recognized brand by E & T Kointainer Co. based in Ohio. These flips are made of Mylar (not Vinyl) and are designed for long-term protection. They contain no oils or other additives and will not corrode, tone or cloud your coins. Saflips are used by Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) in California for grading rare and numismatic coins. American Numismatic Association, Harvard University, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Archives and Singapore Board of Comissioners of Currency are among the museums and libraries that use Saflip for preservations.

We recommend Saflips as an inexpensive storing option.


Capsules are the favourite storing choice for many collectors and investors. By selecting this packaging option, we will supply either Direct Fit Air-Tite capsule or Lighthouse capsule subject to our inventory availability. Air-Tite capsules are sourced from US whilst Lighthouse capsules are originated from Germany. Both are equally durable, highly scratch resistant and fully imported. For silver bar, we will provide Direct Fit Air-Tite which is the only brand that offers protective capsule for 1 oz bar.


Tubes supplied by are originated from original mints. They come in sturdy plastic container and are able to hold 20 to 25 silver coins. Signature tubes are the green lid tube provided by United States Mint for American Eagles and the yellow lid tube provided by Canadian Mint for Canadian Maple Leafs.

Plastic Lamination

Your silver will be air-tight sealed with plastic lamination. Laminations are done directly by the mint.

Protective Wrap

We will wrap up your silver with protective wrap, bubble wrap or equivalent to protect your precious metals.

Monster Box

The US Mint (Green) and Royal Canadian Mint (Yellow) sells 500pcs of their coins in monster boxes, with a removable lid. They are built entirely of hard plastic that protects the contents during shipment. For US Mint, a depression in the central part of the box holds one roll. The remaining 24 rolls are placed to the left and the right of the center piece, twelve on each side, total 25 tubes. For Royal Canadian Mint, has the 20 tubes of coins aligned in a symmetrical layout of rows.

With Assay Certificate Holder

The Assay Certificate is an independent body that tests and certifies the purity of precious metal. The Assay office provides Assaying and Hallmarking services to certify that the precious metals material was assayed in their laboratory in accordance with international standard.

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