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Shipping and Delivery 运送服务

Buy Back, Return and Exchange 回购,退货与替换

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Why should I buy from

We are a locally setup company with commitment to provide competitive bullion products with honest prices. Buying from is your way of supporting a small growing company aiming to bring world class bullion purchasing experience into Malaysia. This website is setup from ground up using local talent.

Read more at Why buy from us.

What other people say about this website?

What we say about ourselves is not important. It is what the public say about us that counts.

Read what they say here Testimonials.

How secure is this website?

We understand the importance of your personal information. We endeavor to make every transaction you make at safe by protecting your personal data and credit card information by encrypting with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

Read more about it at SSL Secured.

How will information collected from this website be used?

We collect information throughout this website to create a better shopping experience for you. We use cookies to memories your browsing pattern. Information collected from this website will not be shared, sold or in any way revealed to any third party.

Read more about it at Privacy Policy.

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Ordering and Payment

Do I have to become a member before I order?

The "Guest Checkout" has been ceased since 1st Apr'15 when GST is implemented. Every customer required to register as member before he can proceed to place an order which comply to Goods & Service Tax Act 2014 and all your information given will adhere to our Privacy Policy. Further more being a member, will be able provide member-only privileges such as easy checkout, discounts, special promotions and plenty more.

How do I pay?

We accept credit card (Visa and MasterCard) and bank transfer to our banks: Maybank, CIMB, Public Bank. For more information about payment method, please go to Payment.

Do you collect credit card information?

We collaborate with third party payment provider for credit card processing. We do not have any access to your credit card information and we do not store credit card information into our database.

How do I check my order status?

If you are a registered member, just login and go to your profile page, click "My Orders". Your order status will listed out clearly there.

Otherwise, click on the Order Status page on top and enter your order no and email. Make sure to enter this information as it was input during the order was placed.

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Shipping and Delivery

How will my order be shipped?

All orders are prudently packaged before sending to our respective courier for shipping. We uses high quality water-resistance padded envelops for small orders. For larger orders, we will box it up with padded bubble wraps or equivalent to protect your order.

Read our Shipping page for more details.

How much is the shipping cost?

For Peninsular Malaysia, shipping cost is RM10.50 onwards. For Sabah and Sarawak, shipping cost is RM12.50 onwards.

Read our Shipping page for more details.

How do I entitle for FREE shipping?

Shipping is FREE nationwide for orders above RM2,000.

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Buy Back, Return and Exchange

Can I sell silver and gold to you? Do you offer buy back?

You can sell to us easily. We buy back silver & gold bullion that we sold to you at the latest market pricing.

Read more at Selling Silver and Gold to Us.

Can I return an order and ask for refund?

Due to the nature of fluctuating prices, all products sold are non-refundable.

Can I exchange an order?

If you are unhappy with your order, please email to us at within 7 days. We will examine each case individually. We will be glad to offer one-to-one exchange or equivalent if we found our delivery below our usual standard.

Read our Return and Exchange for more information.

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BuySilverMalaysia Storage Program (BSP)

What is BuySilverMalaysia Storage Program (BSP)?

The BuySilverMalaysia Storage Program (BSP) is a service that allows you to purchase precious metals from BuySilverMalaysia and have them stored on a segregated and allocated basis (i.e. where you have title to specific coins/bars) in highly secure storage facilities.

What are the requirements to open a BSP?

You must be above 18 years of age and possess a valid MyKad or other valid identification.

Are foreigners eligible to open BSP?

Yes. All you need is a valid travel document.

Where are the Bullion stored?

Precious metals held in BuySilverMalaysia Storage Program are stored in highly secure storage facilities, professionally managed and located in Malaysia. All precious metals held in your account remain your property at all times. BuySilverMalaysia will ensure that your precious metals are specifically identified (allocated) and physically separated (segregated) at all times.

How can I be sure the bullion is in the vault?

Your Gold and Silver are stored in formally recognised bullion storage facilities, managed by specialist vault operators who are leading providers of precious metal vault services and secure transportation. A photo of your storage parcel will be included in your BSM account. You can also access to your storage details once you log into’s member’s area, which you can view 24/7

How do I begin having a BSP?

To subscribe a BuySilverMalaysia Storage Program, simply leave a message on the remark column while check out your order with how many year subscription, we will handle the rest. That's simple!

How much is the minimum amount to set up a BSP account?

There is no minimum in Gold or Silver but a minimum fee of RM50 will be charged, if the final fee is below RM50.

Can I deposit any amount?

There is no minimum purchase required from BSM to join BSP, customer can begin even with 1 ozt but the minimum fee applies.

How can I deposit metals not from

Precious metals must be purchased from BuySilverMalaysia directly before storage. BSP is currently caters to BSM customers only.

How can I take physical possession my parcel?

You can take possession of them at any time. You can also sell the bullion to BuySilverMalaysia and convert them into cash, at a preferred rate.

Who can access my BSP parcel?

No, unless authorized by law or by you. Only upon authorization by you, law, or based on certain circumstances of termination as per nominated by you.

How can I withdraw partial of the parcel? ie. 20oz out of 100oz stored.

For various security and insurance issues, once the item is taken possession partially, we are unable to redeposit the balance. Alternatively, you can withdraw and terminate the initial BSP holding. We can generate another new separate storage parcel at prevailing rate.

What quality is the Gold or Silver?

All bullion sold by BuySilverMalaysia is 99.9% Silver or Gold. For more details of the individual items, please refer to our webstore. We provide the necessary measures to prevent tarnishes on Silver but we do not guarantee against them.

How do I get update on my total storage?

Once you logged on to your BSM account on our webstore, you can view the amount of items and quantity stored in our vault.

Can I visit the storage facility to view my holdings?

Security vaults are intrinsically not designed to be accessible to the public. Security precautions, which required an armed guard and two vault operator officers to be present at all times, make it impossible to open such vault to on-demand public access. For security purposes, we do not allow anyone to visit any storage facility to view their BuySilverMalaysia Storage Program holdings. We can arrange for viewing at our office for a fee. We will waive the fee for the first viewing.

Why is viewing fee is needed after 30 days?

After the holdings is securely stored in the vault, additional processes and cost is required to arrange each viewing. The fee is to cover transportation, security guards as well as administration cost to take out your parcel and have it ready for viewing.

How do I withdraw my parcel from my BSM?

To withdraw holdings in your BuySilverMalaysia Storage Program, inform us via email or phone and we will arrange a date for the process. Once we receive your Withdrawal Request, we will call you to confirm your withdrawal instructions. On the stipulated withdrawal date, BuySilverMalaysia will dispatch you the precious metals (or release them to your designated carrier if you have opted to arrange for your own transportation) and receive a written receipt for the precious metals from you.

How do I claim my parcel in event your company is in struggle or in legal battle?

BSP is an allocated storage service. The parcels and its content is owned by you, the customers. Thus they are not reflected in BSM’s financials, making it legally out of BSM’s possession. You parcels will be returned to you.

Do I need to pay up RM20 administration fee for subsequence account?

RM20 is a one-time fee for first time BSP customer only. This fee is collected because we need to cover the administration fee of setting up your information into our system. Any additional or add-on storage thereafter will not incur the RM20 administration fee.

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是否能向BuySilverMalaysia.com售出我的贵金属? 是否提供回购服务?










BuySilverMalaysia 储存服务(BSP)








我们提供高度安全的储存设施给所有转移到BSP的贵金属,具备极为专业的管理,储存地点也坐落在马来西亚境内。您帐户中持有的贵金属任何时候都是您的财产。BuySilverMalaysia 会确保您的贵金属已被明确标签识别及根据订单个别分配。