Who is Lady Fortuna?

We often see this iconic lady featured on PAMP Suisse infamous gold and silver bars but who exactly is she?

Lady Fortuna is a Roman goddess who symbolizes prosperity, luck and fate. She was an extremely popular goddess in ancient times. Fortuna is "Lady Luck" with golden coins pouring from her cornucopia, also called Horn Of Plenty. Making use of her cornucopia, the goddess spread abundance wherever she passed by. Lady Fortuna is worshipped by many, especially by those who rely on luck for their living such as farmers who are subjected to climatic changes, travelers who are subjected by unexpected events and those who enjoys gambling and betting.

She is usually represented as veiled or blindfolded to make sure that she’s completely neutral when she bestows luck and fortune to her worshippers. Lady Fortuna rules the “Wheel of Fortune”.

Later in history, Goddess Fortuna became more of a love and fertility deity and known as “Fortuna Primigenia”, meaning “the first mother”. Unwed Roman women would join forces with the goddess to land an ideal mate. Women seeking healthy pregnancies would worship her, as Fortuna was known to be the fertility-maker of both human and earthly wombs.

  • Name: Lady Fortuna
  • Alternate Name: Goddess Fortuna or Lady Luck
  • Location: Italy and Roman Europe
  • God of: Prosperity, Love & Fertility

PAMP Suisse is the maker of these beautiful and prestigious Lady Fortuna gold and silver bars. PAMP stands for Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux, which in French means artistic, precious metals products. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, PAMP is the world's leading independent refiner of precious metals and a world leader in certified London Good Delivery bullion.

The most famous PAMP bar is the Lady Fortuna design. The Lady Fortuna design is regarded as the “Roll-Royce” of gold bar in the market. Magnificent in its craftsmanship, the celebrated Lady Fortuna was the first decorative design ever to adorn precious metal bullion. It is an emblem that has heralded PAMP’s superior quality precious metal products and services worldwide for nearly a quarter of a century. Here, the Roman goddess of prosperity is portrayed with all of her mythical attributes: Sheaves of wheat, poppies, Horn of Plenty, precious coins, and Wheel of Fortune.

This product can be authenticated through PAMP's VERISCAN™ Bullion Identification Security System. VERISCAN® is a breakthrough system that identifies any registered bullion product and aids in detecting counterfeits. The patented technology operates on the fact that, just as in Nature, even man-made products possess microscopic ‘surface profiles’ as individual and distinctive as a fingerprint. Boosting efficiency and greatly reducing risk of counterfeit products, the system enhances the tradability of products bearing the VERISCAN logo for both the trade and public at large. VERISCAN is available as an innovative and convenient iPHONE mobile app, or as a PC software system for use with a conventional document scanner and the PAMP bullion-positioning frame. Check out the video below to see how VERISCAN mobile app works:

To download, visit: https://www.pamp.com/veriscan

Lady Fortuna’s bars are sealed and highly secure with CertiPAMP® packaging. CertiPAMP® is first developed by PAMP nearly 30-years ago and now the industry standard, bears essential marks of authenticity such as individual serial numbers, bar codes, and an official assayer’s signature.


Lady Fortuna Gold Bar Infographic



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谁是Lady Fortuna?

我们经常看见这富标志性的肖像被雕刻在知名的PAMP Suisse金/ 银条上但她到底是谁呢?

Lady Fortuna是一位罗马女神,象征着繁荣,运气和命运。在古代,她是一位非常受欢迎的女神。Fortuna指“幸运女神”,大量的金币会从她的聚宝盆倾出,而其聚宝盆也称“丰盛之角”。利用其聚宝盆,女神无论走到哪儿都会传播丰盛富足。Lady Fortuna受到许多人的崇拜,特别是那些依赖运气生活的人例如受天气变化影响收成的农夫,因突发事故而受牵连的旅人以及喜欢赌博和投注的人。

当她为信徒带来好运和财富时,她通常会蒙着面纱或蒙着眼睛以确保她完全中立。Lady Fortuna掌控着“财富之轮”。

在历史的后期,女神变得更像一个爱神和生育之神,被人们称为“财神Primigenia”, 意思是“第一个母亲”。未婚的罗马妇女将与女神联手打造一个理想的伴侣。寻求健康怀孕的妇女会崇拜她,因为她被认为是人类和子宫的生育之神。

  • 名字: Lady Fortuna
  • 替代名称: 财神或幸运女神
  • 地点: 意大利和欧洲罗马
  • 代表: 财富,爱情与生育

PAMP Suisse是这些美丽且高雅的Lady Fortuna纯金/银条铸造商。PAMP意旨Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux, 法语意为艺术,贵金属产品。PAMP总部位于瑞士--日内瓦,是世界领先的贵金属独立精炼厂,也是伦敦Good Delivery贵金属认证的全球领导者。

最著名的PAMP产品是以Lady Fortuna设计为主的贵金属条。Lady Fortuna设计被认为是市场上所有金条中的“Roll-Royce” 。凭借其精湛的工艺,著名的Lady Fortuna是有史以来第一个用以装饰贵金属的设计。这是一个象征,在近四分之一世纪的时间里,已经让PAMP成为在全球范围内的优质贵金属产品和服务的先锋。于此,关于其所有的神话代表性特点包括小麦,罂粟花,丰盛之角,珍贵的硬币和财富之轮都被用来描绘这位罗马女神。

此产品可通过PAMP的VERISCAN™贵金属识别安全系统进行认证。VERISCAN® 是一种突破性系统,它可识别任何已注册的贵金属产品,并有助于检测真伪。这项专利技术的运作是基于自然原理,就算是手工制作的产品都会有其微观形貌,即个别化也很独特,如同指纹一样。该技术大大的加强了检测效率及降低了仿冒品的风险,增强了附有VERISCAN标志的产品的可交易性。VERISCAN可用作创新且方便的iPHONE移动应用程式,或可通过电脑软件系统即同时使用文档扫描仪和PAMP贵金属定位框架进行鉴定。点击以下视频进一步了解VERISCAN移动应用程式的操作过程:


Lady Fortuna的金条采用CertiPAMP®包装密封且高度安全。CertiPAMP® 是由PAMP在近30年前被研发问世,现已成为工业标准,包装上附有真实的基本标记,如独有的序列号,条形码和官方鉴定员的签名。


Lady Fortuna金块资料图



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