10 Reasons Why Buy Physical Gold & Silver

#1. Physical Gold & Silver are real deal

You know your gold and silver is real when it is in your hand. That is as real as it gets. It is an honorable and timeless asset. You have the full ownership of the metal. When you buy paper representation, you do not own the actual metal.

To begin, ask yourself this question: How do you know there is any gold or silver backed by the offering company?

#2. Physical Gold & Silver are transferable

You can transfer your physical Gold & Silver in any way you like: give it to your children's children as heritage, use it as collateral when needed, or sell it at your asking price. When you buy paper representation, your paper gold and silver is tied to a virtual "account". You limits yourself into only transact buy and sell with the offering company.

#3. Physical Gold & Silver give you full ownership

Buying physical Gold & Silver means you have the full ownership of the asset. Buying paper representative is otherwise. The offering company owns the gold and silver (if any). Not just that, they also own your money. The only entity who are profiting is the offering company, not you.

#4. Physical Gold & Silver are not just one price fits all

By owning real gold and silver, you are able to bargain for the best possible price for your asset. You have the option to walk to alternative buyer with better terms and pricing. By owning paper representation, your selling price is fully dependent on the offering company. Most likely, they have a tiny term written in their agreement saying that they have the right to change the buy and sell price without any prior notice. You have no say on the price but to obey to their liking.

#5. Physical Gold & Silver are tradable 24/7

When you own the physical asset, you are able to trade with anyone in the world at any given time (including weekends and public holidays). When you own paper representation, you are limited to trade within specific "office hours" or "banking hours". Often times, you physical presence is required to be at their office or counter to transact.

#6. Physical Gold & Silver are more expensive because it requires real work

Real physical gold and silver is more expensive than paper representation because real metals require mining, extraction, transportation, testing, security and storage. This creates real jobs and put real food to individuals who worked hard in the industry. Paper on the other hand, is about having a line of record inked onto your passbook. It requires only an administrative officer to key in the book entry and assures you that you have purchase "real" gold and silver with them.

#7. Physical Gold & Silver are not tied up with any financial system

Because it is real and is not digital, it dislocate itself from the worrying financial system we are experiencing now. In event the offering company collapse, your prized "gold" and "silver" are to be graved alongside with them.

#8. Physical Gold & Silver are borderless since 4,000 years ago

Gold and Silver are two of the most recognized precious metals in the world. Be it in first world or developing countries such as America, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and India buys real physical gold and silver. Even third world countries take gold and silver without any hesitation. Paper representative lock your investment in your country of purchase and is only recognized by the offering company.

#9. Paper Gold & Silver are not protected under Bank Negara

Unknown to many, paper representative of gold and silver offered by banks, are not backed by Bank Negara.

#10. Physical Gold & Silver are in real shortage

The exponential demand for gold and silver in the market has causes the metals to be in real shortage. The world needs real silver to build solar panels, LCDs, smartphones, hybrid batteries, anti-bacterial surgery utensils and many other electronic components. It requires time and energy to mine Gold and Silver from its raw form. It requires more work to process it to useable to the growing industry demand. Resources are limited. Paper representation does not contribute in building any useable product and paper representation is unlimited.

"If you do not hold it, you do not own it".

Why Buy Your Physical Gold & Silver with us

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