Shipping & Self-Collection Policy 包裹寄送与自行取货


Arranging for Self Pick Up

Self collection on your orders is available. You can pick up your order at our office Mon-Fri 3pm-5pm. If other than this specific time advance appointment with our representative is required.

Purchaser need to bring original MYKAD for verification during collection. For purchases above RM 15,000 we have the rights to request a copy of the MYKAD for our record keepings. For foreigner, original PASSPORT is required and INTERNATIONAL DRIVING LICENSE is not accepted. We will also make a copy of Foreign Customer’s passport for our record keepings.

In the event purchaser would like to authorize another person to collect on behalf, below criteria must be met: Otherwise, BSM reserve the rights to reject collection by the authorized person endorsed by Purchaser.

  • Payment is made via Bank Transfer only. For credit card / cheque transactions, please refer to our Payment Policy; Self–collection is strictly by Purchaser only.
  • The purchase amount or total collection amount (if few orders combine) should not exceed RM 15,000.
  • As Purchaser not able to come and collect the bullions, purchaser need to provide a copy of their own MYKAD and the authorized person MYKAD prior to collection. Please email to
  • Authorised person must have the Order Number (as reference) with them during collection.

Orders for self collection at HQ office must be collected within "14 days". Otherwise, storage fee will be imposed in accordance to BuySilverMalaysia Storage Program. Please visit our Storage Policy.

Combining two or more shipping parcels are only allowable for orders placed within the "same day".

NO SHIPPING FEE for self pick up.

Please tick the 'Self Collect at HQ Office' option during your check out process. You will receive a message from us when your order is ready. Please contact us at least 24 hours before to book an appointment. All pick up is strictly by appointment only. Advance appointment is required before coming to for pick up because your order requires time to prepare.

^ Upon fill up your order detail, you have an option to select "Self Collect" checkbox.

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Shipping Carriers

Delivery will be made using PosLaju Malaysia. All delivery will be supplied with a tracking code to track your shipment.

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Delivery Tracking Number

Delivery tracking number will be emailed to you once it is made available. We usually ship within 2-3 working days after confirmation of payment. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours before your tracking code appear in Poslaju's tracking system. Poslaju normally keys in tracking code at the end of the day.

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Tracking Your Parcel

You can use tracking code provided and key it into the following links to track your shipment:

Below are tracking examples from two of our succesful shipments to Kota Kinabalu and Pulau Pinang.

poslaju tracking sample

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All orders are pack in discreet manner. Small orders will be packed in quality imported padded envelopes. Large orders will be prudently boxed with sufficient protection on your precious investment.

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Combining Shipment

Combining two orders or more for shipping is only allowed for orders placed within the same day. To combine shipment, please leave remark upon check out. Separate shipping charges for orders placed on different days.

However, if the order value is high and weight is heavy, reserves the rights to reject the combine shipments request.

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Receiver's Responsibility

It is the customer's responsibility to arrange a receiver for the shipment. can only ensure that we ship to the correct address supplied to us during checkout process. It is advisable to consider having work/office address as receiving address over residential address.

Please ensure the shipping address given is absolutely correct and accurate because we are unable take responsibility with inaccurate information.

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Shipping Nationwide in Malaysia

We ship throughout Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak.

Shipping cost for Peninsular Malaysia is RM10.50 onwards. Sabah and Sarawak is RM12.50 onwards. Shipping charges are quoted based on weight (or order quantity) and will be automatically calculated during checkout.

FREE SHIPPING for purchases above RM2,000. (* Not included Monster Box, Buy Volume (for selected items) and Gold Bullion 30 grams and above.)

For any orders with high value and the weight is heavy, reserves the rights to reject the shipping request to safeguard the parcel safety. also also reserve the rights to impose additional shipping fee to safeguard the parcel. Please contact for further clarification.

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Delivery Durations

Upon confirmation of payment, delivery is usually within 5 business days for Peninsular Malaysia. Delivery for Sabah and Sarawak may take up to 7 business days. Our working day is Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

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International Shipping

We regret that we are unable to ship previous metal outside of Malaysia for now due to taxation and legalisation. However, if you are keen in having our product sent to your country, tell us by clicking here.

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顾客上门取货时必须携带正版身份证。凡购买额达RM15,000 或以上,我们有权利要求顾客提供身份证副本以作为记录保存。至于国外顾客,我们需要顾客出示正版护照,国际驾照将不被接受。此外,我们有权利要求顾客提供护照副本以作为记录保存。


  • 顾客只能通过银行转帐的方式付款。至于信用卡/支票使用者,顾客必须亲自上门取货,请参阅我们的付款条规;凡授权于第三方取货是不被允许的。
  • 总购买额(一份订单或以上)不能超过RM15,000
  • 提前发电子邮件通知我们将委派第三方取货,并提供自己与被授权人的身份证 (所提供的姓名及身份证号码需与身份证相同),电邮地址为:
  • 被授权人上门取货时,须告知我们相关订单号码(以作为参考用途)。




^ 当您在填写相关资料的当儿,您可在“自行取货” 的空格打勾。




我们将委派PosLaju Malaysia 运送包裹。我们将会提供您 包裹追踪号码 (tracking number) 以便让你随时追踪包裹的运送状态。



包裹追踪号码 (Deliver Tracking Number)

当我们已准备好出货给顾客,包裹追踪号码 将会以电邮的方式发送至您的电邮地址。我们通常需要在收到货款后的2至3天的工作日之间把包裹寄出。请注意所提供的 包裹追踪号码 或许会在包裹寄出的24小时后才会出现在Poslaju的追踪系统里供顾客查询。




您可通过以下所提供的连结输入您的 包裹追踪号码 追踪您的包裹最新寄送状态。


poslaju tracking sample




所有的包裹将会被谨慎的处理及包装。我们采用具有高品质的进口封袋包装体积小的包裹。这些高品质的进口封袋具有抗撕扯, 防水的功能。而至于大体积的包裹将会被包装在箱子里且做足保护措施以避免产品在寄送过程中磨损。





但是,如果订单价值高且重量重, 保留拒绝联合发货请求的权利。










西马半岛的寄送费用从RM10.50开始起跳,而沙巴及砂劳越则从RM12.50开始起跳。我们是以包裹的重量 ( 或所订产品数量 ) 计算寄送费用而相关寄送费用也将会在下订过程中自动计算且显示给顾客知晓。

单一订单若消费超过RM2,000以上,寄送费用将被免除。( *不包括Monster Box, Buy Volume (特定产品) 及 已达30克或以上的黄金产品。

对于任何价值高、重量大的订单, 保留拒绝寄送要求的权利,以保障包裹安全。 也保留征收额外运费以保护包裹的权利。请联系 了解更多信息。










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