Payment Policy 付款条规


Payment Methods

We accept the following type of payment

  • Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer

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Credit Card is integrated with payment gateway provided by iPay88 Sdn Bhd. iPay88 accepts most credit cards issued by banks in Malaysia. We take high precaution to safeguard your online purchases. With that, we only opted to accept credit cards with 3-D Secure feature.

3-D Secure is an added security measures implemented by credit card issuers. Through Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code, you are required to key in your personal password as an extra protection to authorize your electronic payments.

Malaysia - Below are list of credit card issuers that offers 3-D Secure (updated 1st June 2015):

  • MayBank
  • Public Bank
  • Hong Leong Bank
  • CIMB Bank
  • RHB Bank
  • AmBank
  • Alliance Bank
  • OCBC Bank
  • UOB Bank
  • Citibank
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • HSBC Bank
  • Affin Bank
  • Al-Rajhi Bank
  • Bank Islam
  • Bank Simpanan Nasional
  • Aeon Credit Services
  • Bank Muamalat

Credit card orders are reviewed on an order by order basis. Large credit card orders may be subject to additional documentation or screening and are subject to our approval.

Below are the basic criteria that must be met for credit card orders:

  • Credit Card payment is restricted to order amount RM3,000 and below only.
  • Credit card holder name must be the same as billing name and shipping address name (as per MYKAD).
  • For any self-collection, the customer must bring their credit card upon collection. Authorization for another person to collect on behalf is prohibited.
  • BSM will carry out further verification by request customer to undersign and return a letter of "Credit Card Verification" before releasing the order otherwise we reserve the rights to cancel the order.
  • Should the credit card holder name is different as the billing name or shipping address name, we reserve the rights to cancel the order and make the refund accordingly.

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Bank Transfer

If you choose to pay via bank transfer, we will reserve your item for 30 minutes. If payment is not received within the time frame given, we reserve the right to cancel your order, or provide a new quotation based on the latest spot price. Please make an Instant Payment/Duit Now to our preferred bank accounts on the exact amount stated on the Invoice. We will not return any excess amount being paid.

The following are our bank details:

Bank name Maybank
Account name Rolling Silver Holdings Sdn Bhd
Account no 5123-4363-3346
Recipient email

Bank name CIMB Bank
Account name Rolling Silver Holdings Sdn Bhd
Account no 8003-3801-47
Recipient email

Upon making payment, kindly email us at with the following details:

  • Your order number
  • Payment date and time
  • Transaction reference number

We may request proof of payment (bank-in slip, screen capture) if necessary. Please safeguard the payment receipt for references.

We will encourage customer to do Instant Bank Transfer instead of Interbank GIRO transfer to ensure the timing policy is met.

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Bank Transfering Above RM10,000 Limit

After locking the price and payment method, a non-refundable desposit of 20% or RM 10,000 (whichever higher amount) is required.

If your order is above RM10,000 and your daily bank transfer limit is RM10,000, we recommend splitting the payment using two or more banks for payment. Otherwise, kindly arrange the balance payment within the next working day.

If you require further assistance on this, please email us and we will advice accordingly.

Based on our experience, it is now requires additional 1 hour (approximately) to verify your payment by the bank from "Accepted" status to “Successful”. (Please see below sample of receipt) could only accept the payment & lock the price for Customer once the status is under "Successful" status. Should you require further clarification, please feel free to contact our friendly Customer Service team.

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Walk-in Payment/Purchases

At the moment, we do not have the facility to service walk-in customer.

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Cash on Delivery

We use third party carriers to deliver our orders. With that, we are unable to receive your payment upon delivery.

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Misuse of Payment Facility

While we strive to provide the best possible service for our customers, we will not tolerate any misuse on our payment facility. We will have no choice but to suspend any accounts we find misusing our facility. In the event of credit card fraud, we will take stern action by alleviating the matter to legal authority.

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Invoicing Method

  • Each order will be applied to One original Invoice. We are unable to generate One Order with Multiple Invoices.
  • Should customer is buying the item as gift, customer could request for Cash Receipt in the remark column during check out whereby customer’s profile will not be displayed on the original Invoice. Note: Only 1 Original Cash Receipt is issued for One Order.

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  • 信用卡付款
  • 银行转帐付款

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3D保护措施是一个额外的防护测量措施,通过VISA 或MASTERCARD SECURE CODE的核实,顾客还需输入私人密码以作为对电子付款的额外防护。

马来西亚 – 以下是附有3D保护措施的信用卡发行银行:

  • 马来亚银行 (Maybank)
  • 大众银行 (Public Bank)
  • 丰隆银行 (Hong Leong Bank)
  • 联昌国际银行 (CIMB Bank)
  • 兴业银行 (RHB Bank)
  • 马婆银行 (AmBank)
  • 安联银行 (Alliance Bank)
  • 华侨银行 (OCBC Bank)
  • 大华银行 (UOB Bank)
  • 花旗银行 (Citibank)
  • 渣打银行 (Standard Chartered Bank)
  • 汇丰银行 (HSBC Bank)
  • 艾芬银行 (Affin Bank)
  • 拉吉哈银行 (Al-Rajhi Bank)
  • 回教银行 (Bank Islam)
  • 国家储蓄银行 (Bank Simpanan Nasional)
  • 永世信贷财务 (Aeon Credit Services)
  • 回教教义银行 (Bank Muamalat)



  • 信用卡付款只限于 RM3,000 或以下的订单。
  • 选择邮寄取货的顾客:信用卡持有者姓名必须与 收据姓名 (billing name) 及 收货人 姓名 相同,且其姓名必须遵照大马身份证 MyKad。
  • 选择上门自行取货的顾客:顾客必须带上其信用卡及身份证取货。凡授权于第三方取货是不被允许的。
  • 若信用卡持有者姓名与收据姓名 (billing name)收货人姓名 不相同,BSM 将在出货前作出进一步查证或保留取消交易的权利。






银行 Maybank
户口名字 Rolling Silver Holdings Sdn Bhd
户口号码 5123-4363-3346

银行 CIMB Bank
户口名字 Rolling Silver Holdings Sdn Bhd
户口号码 8003-3801-47


  • 订单号码
  • 付款日期与时间
  • 转账参考号码 (Transaction reference number)

若有必要,我们也会同时要求相关付款单据 ( 银行进账单据,截载屏幕 )。因此,请保存付款单据作为参考。





若交易款项已超出RM10,000,顾客必须在指定的时间内附上“不可退还定金”即交易额的二十巴仙或至少RM10,000 ( 较高者为准)



根据我们的经验,现在大约需要1个小时来验证银行从“已接受”状态到“成功”的付款。 (请参阅下面的收据样本)


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上门付款/ 门市采购













  • 我们将依据马来西亚消费税条规发出纳税单据(Tax Invoice)。请注意,每宗交易只发出一张纳税单据
  • 若顾客所购买的产品是将作为礼物,顾客可以在订购时标注要求一张现金单据(Cash Receipt )即此单据将不会注明任何的姓名及相关资料。同样的,每宗交易只发出一张现金单据 。


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