"I'm pleased with what I have ordered.

Quality bullions and bars."

- Mr Desmond, Sibu

15 Reasons Why Buy From BuySilverMalaysia.com

#1. Your Best Source for Worldwide Gold & Silver

We are your best source because we buy direct from master distribution channel for PAMP Swiss, Royal Canadian Mint, US Mint, Australia Perth Mint, Sunshine Mint, Ohio Precious Metal and many other world's top hallmarks.

#2. Your Leading Distributor for Perth Mint, Scottsdale Mint, and Engelhard

We deal directly with Perth Mint, Scottsdale Mint and Engelhard. We are the top leading official distributor in Malaysia. We are your best source for quality authentic bullion products. -- Click here to view some of our photo with principal visit.

#3. Your Expert in Physical Silver & Gold Precious Metals

We are specialized in Precious Metals industry because you want to buy gold and silver from dedicated professionals in the physical gold and silver industry and nothing else.

#4. You Buy Wholesale Prices for Gold and Silver

We sell retail gold and silver to you at whole-selling price. Our price is always better than goldsmith shops in Malaysia because we operate using cost effective online business model.

#5. You Have Choices of Over 120 International Products and More

We have over 120 worldwide products for you to choose. We focused solely on international top brands namely the recognised PAMP Switzerland, US Scottsdale Mint, US Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Australian Perth Mint. US Ohio Precious Metals and US Sunshine Mints because these brands offer the best bullion in terms of quality, recognition and appreciation.

#6. Your Price is Always 24/7 COMEX Live Pricing

We are the leading bullion company in Malaysia which offers 24 hours live pricing. You can place orders 24 hours a day for your gold, silver and jewelries and take advantage when the market is at bottom price!

#7. You Can Sell Gold/Silver Bullion & Gold Jewellery to Us

We buy back gold or silver bullion & gold jewellery we sold to you or you purchased from other at prefered pricing.

#8. Over RM 48.9 Million and 8.1 Tonnes of Physical Silver & Gold Delivered

We ship throughout Malaysia to your address including Kedah, Pulau Pinang, Sabah and Sarawak with 100% satisfaction track record.

#9. You Can Store Silver & Gold with Us

We offer allocated storage facility for your gold and silver which is seamlessly integrated with your account. We provide photo identification for your record.

#10. We are the Top 10 Malaysia e-Commerce Webstore

We are featured and recognized by MPH as the top 10, upcoming and succesful e-Commerce business established locally in Malaysia. -- Click to buy and read the book.

#11. You Have Four Popular Banks To Use

We welcome bank transfer payment with 4 convenient banks in Malaysia: 1. Maybank, 2. Public Bank, 3. CIMB Bank, and 4. HSBC Bank.

#12. Your Security with 256-bit SSL Fortification

We are absolutely serious about online hacking and protecting your private information. Your shopping with us is fortified with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), the same security standard use by banks. This is the only way to protect your information online including passwords from lurking intruders. Our site has been secured since 2011.

#13. You Pay ZERO For Shipping

We provide free shipping nationwide to your doorstep with delivery tracking number for orders above RM1,000.

#14. 7 Days Exchange Policy

We care about your satisfaction. If your purchased item(s) is below your expectation, we offer 7 days exchange.

#15. Your Goods are 100% Guaranteed

We sell genuine and authenticity products only. We guarantee all goods sold to you are real or money back.

You Can Place Order with 110% Confidence

"I'm totally satisfied with the finishing and the delivery status. I've received my product just 2 days after I purchase. I'm totally satisfied! Good Job team of BuySilverMalaysia!" - Pieter S, Seremban

We have proven track record for your reference

Our customers are our best records. You can read about what they say about us here: Start Reading Testimonials.




我们直接从铸造厂家采购国际知名金银产品,包括:Pamp Swiss, Royal Canadian Mint, US Mint, Australia Perth Mint, Sunshine Mint, Ohio Precious Metal等 以及其他世界顶尖标记,因此我们绝对是您可信赖的最佳供应源。

原因2: 在市场上,是Scottsdale Mint/ Perth Mint/ Engelhard的领导性分销商

我们直接向厂家采购也同时在马来西亚扮演着领导性的正式分销商角色,绝对是您选择Scottsdale Mint/ Perth Mint/ Engelhard品牌的最佳供应源。-- 请点击此处参阅我们拜访厂家的记录



原因4: 您可用批发价购买金银产品



我们有超过120样国际金银产品供您选择。我们仅仅致力于提供国际顶尖品牌的原因在于这些品牌有着最佳的品质,知名度以及鉴赏评估,品牌包括:PAMP Switzerland, US Scottsdale Mint, US Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Australia Perth Mint, US Ohio Precious Metals 及 US Sunshine Mints等等。



原因7: 您也可向我们售出999纯金,银或首饰产品

我们也以合理的价格向顾客购回 我们所售出或其他商家所售出的999纯金,银或其它首饰产品。






我们获得MPH的认可及被誉为是全马顶尖十大电子商务零售商 --请点击此处购买及查阅此书。.


我们鼓励顾客通过网上转账方式付款,这四家银行是:1. 马来亚银行,2. 大众银行,3. 联昌国际银行,及 4. 汇丰银行。

原因12: 我们采用256-bit SSL设备防御骇客入侵









“我非常满意产品的品质与包装以及递送表现。在购买后的短短两天内已收到邮包。我绝对满意!BuySilverMalayisa团队做得非常好!”- Pieter S, 自芙蓉县。



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