SRDC 8 Dirham Silver Bar 


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SRDC 8 Dirham Silver Bar

Ideal for Muslim Wedding Gifts (Akad Nikah, Mas Kahwin & Wang Hantaran Perkahwinan)

The World First Dirham Silver Bar
- Dirham Denominations In The Fibonacci Sequence, Unique Dimensions Featuring The 1.618 Golden Ratio with New Micro Engraving Security Feature
- New Unique Majmaul Bahrain Marking
- Founded in Brunei Darussalam
- 1st Dirham in the World with 3D Minting Technology
- Dimension: 50mm x 29mm x 2.3mm
- Weight: 23.800g
- Pure Silver 99.9%

  • SRDC 8 Dirham Bar (With Bar Capsule)
  • SRDC 8 Dirham Silver Bar

SRDC 8 Dirham Bar (With Bar Capsule)
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