Malaysian e-Commerce Success Stories 

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Malaysian e-Commerce Success Stories

Published by MPH just recently, is featured among the 10 top and upcoming Malaysia e-commerce site. Our founder shared his start-up journey from how he started selling precious metal from his bedroom without a shop to becoming one of the market player in Malaysia.

The book also covers,,, and, all home-grown e-commerce site.

CK Wong is the co-founder of, a website devoted to covering the e-commerce scene in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. Wong has ten years of experience providing e-commerce consultancy services to retailers, including a two-year stint heading marketing activities for a global e-commerce company with operations in Kuala Lumpur.

Although Wong has written extensively on e-commerce for his website and also for local media, this is his first book on e-commerce and in it he profiles ten successful entrepreneurial start-ups in the e-commerce space. These are all companies that were started from scratch and which are today generating revenues of more than RM1 million per year. He hopes that their stories will inspire more people to take up e-commerce.

This book is for all the entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs out there, especially those involved in e-commerce or are thinking of doing so. Your efforts and aspirations inspire me. - CK Wong

  • Malaysian e-Commerce Success Stories
  • Malaysian e-Commerce Success Stories

Malaysian e-Commerce Success Stories
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