2024 Perth Mint Lunar Dragon 1 oz Silver Coin 


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2024 Perth Mint Lunar Dragon 1 oz Silver Coin

Celebrate the Year of the Dragon with the exquisite 2024 1 oz Silver Lunar Dragon coin from the Australian Perth Mint. These magnificent silver coins pay homage to the ancient Chinese lunar calendar, highlighting the Year of the Dragon, the fifth of twelve animals in this revered zodiac.

The 2024 1 oz Silver Lunar Dragon BU Australian Perth Mint makes a strong addition to any precious metal portfolio! Meticulously struck from 99.99% pure silver, these coins are not only exquisite collectibles but are also issued as legal tender under the Australian Currency Act 1965, adding to their intrinsic value and authenticity. These coins incorporate a security element—a micro-engraved letter hidden within the design. This intricate feature remains undetectable without the aid of a magnifying glass, ensuring added security and authenticity.

The 1 oz coin, due to its limited mintage, is in high demand among collectors and investors alike. With a production cap of up to 300,000 coins, production will cease upon complete sell-out or at the end of the series, whichever comes first.

Many countries around the world celebrate the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Dragon with festivals, parades, and traditional dragon dances. It is believed to be the luckiest year in the Chinese lunar calendar, representing power, strength, and good luck. People born in the Year of the Dragon are considered to be confident, ambitious, and natural-born leaders.

Coin Highlights

  • Contains 1 troy ounce of .9999 fine silver
  • Produced by the Perth Mint
  • P125 mintmark - signifying The Perth Mint’s 125th anniversary.
  • Brilliant Uncirculated Condition
  • Face value of $1 AUD, backed by the Australian government
  • The reverse of the coin has a security feature in the form of a micro-engraved letter
  • Individual coins come in a protective acrylic capsule
  • Obverse: bears the Jody Clark Memorial Obverse of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, displaying the dates of her reign '1952-2022,' weight, fineness, and monetary denomination.
  • Reverse: Features a powerful dragon with water cascading from its mouth, stylized waves, and a flaming pearl, symbolizing wisdom. It also incorporates the Chinese character for 'dragon,' the inscription 'DRAGON 2024,' and a 'P125' mintmark, signifying The Perth Mint's 125th anniversary.

  • 2024 Perth Mint Lunar Dragon 1 oz Silver Coin
  • 2024 Perth Mint Lunar Dragon 1 oz Silver Coin

2024 Perth Mint Lunar Dragon 1 oz Silver Coin
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