AUGoldBar 2 gram 999.9 Gold Bar 

With Bar Capsule Holder

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AUGoldBar 2 gram 999.9 Gold Bar

AuGoldBar 2 gram 999.9 Gold Bar is proudly and specifically designed for gold storage by our team including our founder KH Lau who has had over 20 years of combined experience in investment precious metal. It is designed to make gold bar investment simple, secured and yet easy and efficient to safely keep them. produce a series of AUGold Bullion series in 10g, 5g, 2g, 1g, 0.5g & 0.25g.

AuGoldBar 2 gram is a thoughtfully made gold bar with pure 999.9 gold. Each bar has been examined and certified by credible assayers to guarantee its weight and purity of 999.9 gold finesse.

Both sides of the gold bar are inscribed with ‘Au’ which is the official symbol of gold and ‘79’ representing the atomic number. This theme is replicated into our security hologram which includes sophisticated digital money lines to guard against counterfeit.

Dubbed as the stacking 2 gram gold bar, every single AuGoldBar 2 gram is precisely fitted into our own unique in-house ‘stacker’ capsule. The interlocking design of this capsule makes it lock precisely on top of each other in a neatly ‘stacked’ fashion. The capsule can be opened at will for accessing the gold bar. This is useful to provide a non-intruding access to the bar for assessment when required.

To further ensure the security of your investment, every certificate is recorded with a digital signature which you can scan using a QR code scanner. The QR code links up to our online database for an immediate authenticity verification. When put under purple UV light, the background of the certificate will luminate, revealing the hidden ‘RS’ background which is the logo of our company.

Bar Highlights:

  • Made of 999.9 purity gold weighing 2g each
  • Inscribed with AU the chemistry symbol for gold
  • Inscribed with 79 representing the atomic number
  • UV illuminated security assay card
  • With Serial Number
  • Assayer Certified
  • Stackable Capsule for easy storage and accessible to gold bar
  • Designed by: (Group of Rolling Silver Holdings Sdn Bhd)

AU Gold Chemical Chart

AuGoldBar 2gram ialah jongkang emas dengan jaminan ketulenan emas 999.9 Setiap AuGoldBar 2 gram dilengkapi dengan :
  • Berat bersih: 2g emas 999.9 tulen
  • Berdasar unsur kimia symbol emas “AU”
  • Berdasar jisim atom nombor emas “79”
  • Illuminasi UV sekuriti kad “Assay”
  • Pengesahan Digital “Verified”
  • Sijil & Nombor Bersiri
  • Diiktiraf Assay Bertauliah
  • “Stackable” kapsul , emas boleh diakses
  • Direka oleh: (Kumpulan Rolling Silver Holdings Sdn Bhd)
Untuk kemudahan para pelanggan, AuGoldBar 2 gram 999.9 juga boleh diniaga mesra di seluruh cawangan Ar-Rahru di Malaysia.

Pelaburan emas fizikal dengan harga yang rendah. Sesuai untuk pelabur muda dan pelabur pertama kali (first time investor) dalam pelaburan emas.

AuGoldBar 2 克是保證 999.9 黃金純度的金鋸。每個 2 克 AuGoldBar 帶有:
  • 淨重:2g 999.9純金
  • 基於黃金符號“AU”的化學元素
  • 基於金數“79”的原子質量
  • 紫外線照射安全卡“檢測”
  • 數字驗證“已驗證”
  • 證書和序列號
  • 公認的認證檢測
  • “可堆疊”膠囊,方便於存放黃金
  • 設計者 (Rolling Silver Holdings Sdn Bhd Group)

  • AUGoldBar 2 gram 999.9 Gold Bar
  • AUGoldBar 2 gram 999.9 Gold Bar
  • AUGoldBar 2 gram 999.9 Gold Bar
  • AUGoldBar 2 gram 999.9 Gold Bar

AUGoldBar 2 gram 999.9 Gold Bar
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