AUGoldCoin 0.25 gram 999 Gold Coin (White) 

With Assay Certification

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AUGoldCoin 0.25 gram 999 Gold Coin (White Assay Card)

AuGoldCoin is a thoughtfully made gold coin with pure 999 gold. Each coin has been examined and certified by credible assayers to guarantee its weight and purity of 999 gold finesse.

Both sides of the gold coin are inscribed with ‘Au’ which is the official symbol of gold and ‘79’ representing the atomic number. This theme is replicated into our security hologram which includes sophisticated digital money lines to guard against counterfeit.

Every single AuGoldcoin is precisely fitted into our own unique UV security assay card. The gold coin can be easily separate from the assay card. This is useful to provide a non-intruding access to the coin for assessment when required.

To further ensure the security of your investment, every certificate is recorded with a digital signature which you can scan using a QR code scanner. The QR code links up to our online database for an immediate authenticity verification. When put under purple UV light, the front and back of the certificate will luminate, revealing the hidden ‘RS’ background which is the logo of our company.

AuGoldCoin is proudly and specifically designed for gold storage by our team including our founder KH Lau which have over 20 years of combined experience in investment precious metal. It is designed to make gold coin investment simple, secured and yet easy and efficient to safely keep them.

  • AUGoldBar 0.25 gram 999 Gold Coin (White)
  • AUGoldCoin 0.25 gram 999 Gold Coin (White)
  • AUGoldCoin 0.25 gram 999 Gold Coin (White)
  • AUGoldCoin 0.25 gram 999 Gold Coin (White)
  • AUGoldCoin 0.25 gram 999 Gold Coin (White)

AUGoldBar 0.25 gram 999 Gold Coin (White)
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