2011 Canada Maple Leaf 1 oz Silver Coin (with Capsule) 

With Coin Capsule Holder

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2011 Canada Maple Leaf 1 oz Silver Coin (with Capsule)

The Canadian Maple Leaf coins feature one of the world's most well-known designs. In 1988, the Royal Canadian Mint issued the world’s first pure 99.99% pure silver bullion coin, the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf. At that point, the only widely available silver bullion coin was the .999 American Silver Eagle. Silver Maple Leaf coins have a fineness of .9999, making them the purest silver coins regularly issued in the world. The Royal Canadian Mint’s insistence on using only the finest planchets, or coin blanks, in minting these coins has made the Silver Maple Leaf the standard against which all other silver bullion coins are judged.

The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf has a face value of $5 (the highest such value of any one ounce government-issued silver coin), measures 38.0mm in diameter, and consists of one troy ounce of pure silver. Each of these coins features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain on the obverse and the national symbol of Canada, the maple leaf, on the reverse. Silver Maple Leaf coins are traded around the world and their purity and weight are guaranteed by the Canadian Government.

  • 2011 Canada Maple Leaf 1 oz Silver Coin
  • 2011 Canada Maple Leaf 1 oz Silver Coin (with Capsule)

2011 Canada Maple Leaf 1 oz Silver Coin
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