Zimbabwean 1 Cent Note 


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Zimbabwean 1 Cent Note

Currency is shipped with a single SuperSafe Museum Grade Currency Holder (4 mil Polyster).

The Zimbabwean dollar (sign: $, or Z$ to distinguish it from other dollar-denominated currencies) was the official currency of Zimbabwe from 1980 to 12 April 2009.

Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe began shortly after destruction of productive capacity in Zimbabwe's civil war and confiscation of private farms.

During the height of inflation from 2008 to 2009, it was difficult to measure Zimbabwe's hyperinflation because the government of Zimbabwe stopped filing official inflation statistics. However, Zimbabwe's peak month of inflation is estimated at 6.5 sextillion percent in mid-November 2008. The International Monetary Fund stated that inflation was predicted to rise to 100,000% per annum.

In 2009, Zimbabwe abandoned its currency.

  • Zimbabwean 1 Cent Note
  • Zimbabwean 1 Cent Note

Zimbabwean 1 Cent Note
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