Perth Mint Kilo 999 Casting Silver Bar 

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Perth Mint 1kg oz 999 Casting Silver Bar

The Perth Mint 1kg Minted Casting Silver Bars are refined and minted by the Perth Mint, which is wholly owned by the Government of Western Australia. The Perth Mint as been operating since 1899 and is one of the best known names in silver and gold bullion.

This silver bar is made from 1 kilo of 999 Silver. For a serious and large scale investor, this silver bar are a simple and efficient way to invest in silver. Each minted silver bar feature the world famous Perth Mint’s distinctive logo of a majestic swan on the front with displays its weight and purity.

The Perth Mint 1kg Casting Silver Bar measures 99mm x 49mm with thickness of 22mm.

These cast bars are of bullion quality and will come in varying conditions and may contain some milk spots or tarnishing.

Perth Mint一公斤纯银条是由Perth Mint铸币厂铸造,并由西澳大利亚政府全资拥有。Perth Mint自1899年开始营运,是众多黄金白银中最知名的。

此商品由一公斤999纯白银制成。对于认真的大规模投资者来说,这款银条是一种简单而有效的白银投资方式。每块银条正面均有世界著名的Perth Mint独特雄伟天鹅标志,并标注其重量和纯度。
尺寸为:99毫米x 49毫米x 22毫米 (厚度)。


  • Perth Mint Kilo 999 Casting Silver Bar
  • Perth Mint Kilo 999 Casting Silver Bar
  • Perth Mint Kilo 999 Casting Silver Bar

Perth Mint Kilo 999 Casting Silver Bar
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