Patriot "Stacker" 10oz Silver Bar 

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Patriot "Stacker" 10oz Silver Bar

Patriot Metals is a unique brand in the precious metals industry, struck only for second- and third-party distribution by aprivate mint. Among the latest offerings in the Patriot Metals lineup is the stacker silver bar, designed specifically for sturdier, easier stacking. Today, you have the chance to purchase the 10 oz Patriot Metals Stacker Silver Bar online at Provident Metals.

Each 10 oz Patriot Metals Stacker Silver Bar has a raised face on the obverse, and an inset design field on the reverse. This feature, combined with sharp edges, allows you to stack your bars so that the design fields interlock and the edges provided a sturdy base.

The obverse face of the 10 oz Patriot Metals Stacker Silver Bar features a raised design field, which bears the Patriot Metals brand logo. This design consists of a star with an artistic rendition of an eagle comprising a portion of the star. This design includes 12 stars around the larger star, and a 13th star within the eagle, which combine to represent the nations original 13 colonies.

On the reverse side of each Patriot Metals bar youll find the swirl design that emanates from a seal in the center of the bars face. In the center of that swirl is the Scottsdale Mint seal, which features the company logo and the words Made by Scottsdale Mint. This face of the bar has an inset design field that drops down from the edges.

Patriot Metals is a brand of Scottsdale Mint. These stacker silver bars and other Patriot Metals products have been struck by Scottsdale Mints private facility since 2012, and are not available to the public directly from the mint.

Coin Highlights

  • Delivered in protective plastic!
  • Contains 10 troy oz of .999 pure silver.
  • Obverse features Patriots Metal logo.
  • Reverse features Scottsdale Mint seal.
  • Struck privately by Scottsdale Mint in the United States.
  • Sharp edges and contrasting raised/inset design fields making stacking easy!
  • Delivered in brand-new condition!
  • Stacker bar designs are increasingly popular among investors interested more in the purity and value of their bars than the designs on the faces. While these 10 oz. Patriot Metals Stacker Silver Bars do bear design features, the focus is more on the stacker design.

  • Scottsdale Patriot "Stacker" 10oz Silver Bar
  • Patriot "Stacker" 10oz Silver Bar

Scottsdale Patriot "Stacker" 10oz Silver Bar
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