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The Slide (Silver Magnetic Tester) 


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Product Description

The Slide (Silver Magnetic Tester)

The Slide is a product use to test the purity of the silver with a most simple and fastest way. The testing mechanism is use the strong magnetic (Neodymium Magnets N45) in The Slide, and the real silver coins will slide slowly, steady and smoothly. This is because pure silver is affected by the magnetic. However, if you found the silver coin slide very fast or stick on the surface, this you have to be aware! The silver coin may not a pure silver and contain impurities.

The Magnetic Slide is not involved any toxic chemicals during the testing. It can read through numismatic cases. Now you only need put your silver coins on top of The Slide and you will get result. The Slide is useful for retail investor like you to prevent the fake silver coins and protecting your investment. The Slide is highly recommended for silver coins or bars for screening process.

Product Highlight:

  • Detect fakes visually
  • Works with all silver coins and bars
  • No Toxic Chemicals
  • Simple, fast & user friendly
  • Made by Neodymium Magnets N45

Package Includes:
  • The Slide
  • Adjustable Stand
  • Micro Fiber Cleaning Tower
  • Safety and Product User Manual

  • Magnetic Slide
  • The Slide (Silver Magnetic Tester)
  • The Slide (Silver Magnetic Tester)
  • The Slide (Silver Magnetic Tester)

Magnetic Slide
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