Canadian Predator Series: 2016 Cougar 1oz Silver Coin (with Capsule) 

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Canadian Predator Series: 2016 Cougar 1oz Silver Coin (with Capsule)

The Royal Canadian Mint has a reputation for producing popular silver and gold bullion coin series that feature designs inspired by the vast wilderness of Canada. In the latest silver bullion program from the RCM, the Predator Series, a popular figure debuts on the first release.

Investors are accustomed to seeing animals from the Canadian wilderness on coins from the Royal Canadian Mint, especially the cougar. The largest wild cat in Canada has featured on Canadian Maple Leaf coins as a privy mark and even appeared on its own coin in the Canadian Wildlife Series.

These new .9999 pure silver coins from RCM depict the cougar in a manner never-before-seen on a Canadian coin. Cougars are elusive and silent hunters, pouncing on their prey before the unsuspecting creature knows what is happening. The cougar is the world’s fourth largest cat, and is known in the Western Hemisphere by other names such as the mountain lion and puma.

On the obverse face of these all-new coins you’ll find the familiar right-profile portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, as created by Susanna Blunt in 2003. Her Majesty’s effigy is surrounded by engravings that include her name, the phrase “D.G. Regina.”

The reverse of this one ounce silver coin features a cougar mid leap, with its mouth agape. As added security measures the obverse and reverse feature micro-engraved radial lines, and the reverse features a micro-engraved privy mark of a maple leaf with “16” inscribed at its center. The reverse also carries the inscriptions “CANADA”, “9999”, and “FINE SILVER 1 OZ ARGENT PUR”.

The Royal Canadian Mint is releasing a new series of four silver coins known as the Predator Series, and the Cougar coin is the first release. You can expect these coins to sell out fast and generate immense interest, just as other first-release coins from RCM have done in the past.

Worldwide Limited Mintage
No more than 1,000,000 individual 1 oz coins will be released.

  • Canadian Predator Series: 2016 Cougar 1oz Silver Coin
  • Canadian Predator Series: 2016 Cougar 1oz Silver Coin (with Capsule)

Canadian Predator Series: 2016 Cougar 1oz Silver Coin
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