NTR Metals 10 oz Silver Bar (NTR Bar) 

With Vinyl Lamination

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NTR Metals 10 oz Silver Bar (NTR Bar)

Flat, uniform and easy to stack, 10 Oz Silver Bars from NTR serve as an excellent tangible asset — one you can hold in your hand, use for barter or trade, and store and transfer on your terms.

The obverse of each 10 Oz Silver Bar is struck with the NTR logo, along with its weight and purity. The reverse is inscribed with the words NTR METALS and the company’s logo, which repeats in a diagonal design. Each bar measures 3.5 x 2 inches.

Texas-based NTR Metals with their headquarters in Dallas is one of the largest precious metals refineries in the world. Their dedication to continued quality and superior design makes them a standout precious metals company. The 10 oz NTR Silver Bar is in brand new condition and is a fine example of NTR’s workmanship.

Dimension: L 90mm (3.5inch) x W 52mm (2inch) x H 8mm

Made in USA with shining finishing.

  • NTR Metals 10 oz Silver Bar (NTR Bar)
  • NTR Metals 10 oz Silver Bar (NTR Bar)
  • NTR Metals 10 oz Silver Bar (NTR Bar)

NTR Metals 10 oz Silver Bar (NTR Bar)
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